Roman bath

Roman bath at your disposal.

In fact in Roman bath faster the metabolism of the body. Under the influence of heat there is a significant intensification of the processes of blood circulation. Also blood pressure changed. In the people with impaired blood-pressure steam has a regulatory effect. Particularly useful in such cases is contrasting procedures. Typically, people suffering from hypertension at an early stage tolerate steam room very well. The temperature in the Roman bath is 36-45 ° C and humidity – 80-100%.

If you have disorders of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, skin diseases it’s better to refuse steam room and most importantly – steam contraindicated in any gynecological disorders, because as increase blood circulation influences at the development of any processes in the body.

Of course, if you want you can spend in the bath all day, alternating steam room measures with self-carrying procedures. But most experts believe the best time in the steam room is 4 hours. During this time you can have time not only for warming up, without overloading the body, but also to bringing the perfection to your own beauty.

What is the cosmetic effect from the bath?
It is primarily due to cleaning of the whole organism and skin. The combination of hot, warm, cold water, steam, massage has in themselves continue your youth. Bath allows warm up the whole body, sweat, clean it, not only from dirt and keratinized outer layer to reveal the pores, but also get rid of all kinds of internal toxins. Even if you haven’t used any additional procedures, visiting the steam room will improve your skin tone and clean it. That is why a steam bath recommended for women who rapidly lost weight, particularly after pregnancy.

Price – 350 UAH / hr for 6 person + 20 UAH / hr for each additional person.

The maximum number of persins in Roman baths – 10 persons.

Minimum – 3 hours of staying.


Roman bath runs until 23.00 hours.

It includes:

  disposable slippers



  aromatic oils

  herbal teas

  possibility to order meals from the restaurant

  using contrast pool

  Plasma TV

Please reserve the sauna in advance!

Tel. 068-918-50-53

Roman bath – will make you forget about all the problems and troubles, relax to the full and renew your strength 🙂